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Like Mogwai? Sigur Ros? Ef? Molia Falls? Explosions in the Sky? Pelican?

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Then you might like this night of Post Rock at Drummonds this Friday- only 2!!!


Apparently, there are two types of bands that come from Scotland -- bands that think it's a 1983 dance party (Franz Ferdinand, for those living under a rock) and bands that want to blast your face in with as many Big Muff pedals as possible (Mogwai, Idlewild). The young upstarts named Small Enclosed Area sit firmly in the brutally-loud-minus-any-hipster-dance-party-swagger category. They take lessons learned from noted masters of dynamics such as Mogwai and Pelican. Loud crashing waves of fuzzed-out guitars cede to gently picked melodies that seem to endlessly swirl around tender vocals vaguely reminiscent of Tool's Maynard Keenan, minus the lyrically absurd obtuseness.

ATX Magazine SXSW Edition, Review by Marc Perlman


The intense progressive leanings of home-grown quartet Shutter perfectly compliment Sacramentos Deftones in advance of their entrance this evening. The up and coming hand-picked act wear the acoustics of the Academy well and produce sufficient goods to whet the appetites of its inhabitants; exciting prospects for Scottish hard rock in the offing.

Deftones support at Carling Academy, Glasgow review - (www.skinnymag.co.uk)

Deftones support at Carling Academy, Glasgow review - (www.skinnymag.co.uk)

On This Day We Met Gambas Pil Pil

a mix of noise and ambience with a pop sensibility. lots of reverb and creative harmony. Taking influences from Explosions in the Sky, Velvet Underground, Yo La Tengo and My Bloody Valentine.

Gas Giant

"the zephers and slint meet for pizza & beer in front of the telly, and - maybe - record a tune later-..."

is this music?

Toured with the likes of Mogwai, Ozric Tentacles, EAR, Broadcast, but to name a few

Cafe Drummonds

Friday 28th July

Doors 8.30. First band on at 9pm sharp.


Hope to see you there






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