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Bassist, Drummer & 2nd Guitarist WANTED!

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Eh Booya! "The Assassinaton Of..." are looking for the above ^^

Band members age from 16-20.

Drummer - prefer it if you have double kick.

Bassist - An amazing power stance

Guitarist - Good at song writing

I can write music, Im in the process of doing it at the moment, but I can't and WON'T do it all. Must be dedicated and willing to do any gig that the band signs up for. Getting gigs will be no problem, so thats an added bonus for ya'll :)

Our influences are varied, goin from whatever bollox Travis (frontman) listens to all the way to metal and beyond.

My main influences are Trivium, Coheed & Cambria, KsE etc.

If you want anymore details gimme a PM or summat.

Serious people only please, no in the mood for assfucks :)

Thanks, Pilx, The Assassination Of...

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