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  1. I'm a 25 year old who can play all different instruments, however, I am looking for some people who play acoustic, bass and electric guitar and doing vocals also. I have a cajon drum which I've been playing for some time now and this is the type of music I am keen to play. Anyone interested in doing anything along the lines of this please feel free to message me. Mike
  2. Used to love watching him in his WCW days and the when he moved onto the WWE. Yes he was quite a quiet person, but its those you gotta watch out for. Still pretty fuckin savage what he did. Doesn't he have like 2 other kids aswell?
  3. A drummer is required to complete the lineup of an upcoming band in Aberdeen. The drummer must be aged 18 and above and be willing to practice at least twice a week. We have material being written but you can check out a sample of the stuff at - Sneak Attack Panda <SneakAttackPanda> If anyone is interested then please either on this thread or send me a personal message on the website. Pilx, SneakAttackPanda!
  4. Thats right im selling my RP80 because I hardly ever used it and dont need it anymore. It is in brilliant condition and has never been gigged. Comes with a power supply =] They tend to cost about 60-70 new I think so u can get this bargain for 65 total. Its on EBAY in a Buy It Now listing. This is the link for it: eBay.co.uk: Digitech RP80 FX Board - BUY IT NOW! (item 170080162071 end time 13-Feb-07 19:11:14 GMT) Cheers.
  5. ANNOUNCEMENT: I've decided that I would be better off putting my pedals on ebay. I have put the boss metal zone and the boss tuner pedal on ebay. Battle it out there! peace
  6. Hell yeah, its all for sale! need to sell asap!
  7. Boss MT-2 Metal Zone, Boss TU-2 Tuner, Digitech RP80 FX Board & Blues Wah Pedal: All For Sale! I am selling these items in order to raise cash for new equipment, prices below are rough ideas of what I would like. BLUES WAH PEDAL: 10 METAL ZONE: 30-40 TUNING PEDAL: 35-45 FX BOARD: 40-50 They are all in brilliant condition and have hardly ever been used. All pedals come with 9V cell already in apart from the Digitech which comes with a power supply =] If intersted gimme a shout or just reply here!
  8. cool, whats the lineup? I play in CGCFAD, its the fuckin dogs bollox currently got some material in the process of being written.
  9. ye thats what I play in, its the best im the guitarist that rorie spoke of? didnt we have someone else to do the other guitar?
  10. Hell ye man, we are definately up for this, we need to arrange a meeting of some sort, a drink or two perhaps? Whats everyones ages?
  11. And I be this guitarist mate of his. I use a fair amount of equipment and know how to use it properly. Erm...cant really be arsed listing anything else right now as I must pop off to work. Peace
  12. ah yes, you require a ska band eh? well my mate is in the process of forming one, get in touch with him - the.assassination.of@googlemail.com
  13. Hey man, my name is Pilx and im 18 years old. I live in Westhill, easy to get to aberdeen. I play guitar and have been for the past 7 years or so. Im interested by your thread, get back to me. Pilx
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