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Dead Anyway Presents: Aug 5th @ The Moorings

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Dead Anyway Promotions Presents: Sat 5th August

You Already Know



Recently seen supporting the Deftones in Glasgow!!!

"Music is a great energizer. It's a language everybody knows."

So said Bill Hicks. Truth is, it's the only language everybody knows. Music heals, rejuvenates and conquers all.

You Already Know are based in Glasgow, Scotland. The line-up of Allan Swan (singer, guitarist and primary songwriter), Keef Thorburn (guitar, backing vocals), Stef Lach (bass) and Dunc Sweeny (drums) started gigging in April 2005 and have produced a body of work that will see them hit great heights throughout 2006.

Their songs are held together by a rhythm section that approaches Fugazi in terms of precision, intricate expression and versatility. Allan and Keef take the traditional "lead + rhythm guitar" blueprint and ignore it completely, offering consistently captivating new ways of pushing what a 4 piece rock band can sound like.

The bittersweet lyrics are laced delicately over hugely powerful music, a genre hopping culmination of the individual band members musical tastes. You Already Know have created their own musical space that can reference Nirvana's "All Apologies", Tool's "Stinkfist", Kyuss' "Demon Cleaner" and Gang Of Fours "What We All Want" in equal measure: a breadth of scope that is very much their own.

Their limited debut 7" is due to land early 2006, with an album to follow later on in the year. A Scottish tour is being put together, with a full UK jaunt and European dates to follow.

The Whisky Works



The Whisky Works came together in Glasgow during April 2005, and began rehearsing whenever physically possible to craft the most promising amalgamation of our musical interests and abilities. The result was a raucous blend of guitar-driven noise and post-hardcore punk, with just a few moments of clarity to bring us all back to some form of audible reality.

Mid-August saw the recording of The Whisky Work's self-titled debut EP, due for release during winter 2005/2006, and over the following months this has resulted in a frequently increasing number of live dates and positive comments from supporters and passers-by alike, showing that maybe there is a little light at the end of the tunnel, even if you can't hear a fucking thing.




Speyside are a Scottish rock band made up from the debris of old school Dundee bands Boomhauer, Throb, Merocaine & Skintwire. Their unique brand of American based hard rock combined with soothing Scottish influences makes them one of the most unique and original bands on the Dundee scene today. Speyside have just finished recording there first 5 track EP and are looking forward to promoting it over the coming months.

Plus djing from Greig Anyway. Doors at 8pm and entry 3

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