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chillerton would like play scotland (july)

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hello, excuse the spam style post here, we're a bit desperate and willing to try new things. we're a melodic punk rock band from portsmouth,

Basically we were to tour with New Bruises ( www.newbruises.com / www.myspace.com/newbruises ) on the dates below, but they have delayed their tour till september, the unfortunate factor being greg and bailey have managed to book the time off and can't change their holiday dates.


the plan is to get in the car and rock.

wanna hear some old songs: go here www.chillerton.com

We've recently recorded an album (12 songs), but is still being mixed and we haven't any artwork yet. so the chances of releasing it within 4 / 3 weeks is slim........

anyway, these are the dates, if there is a gig going on already and you need another band, get in touch!






THURSDAY 27 - overton (i think)

FRIDAY 28 - Bradford

SATURDAY 29 - Middlesboro TBC


MONDAY 31 - Cambridge

We've never played in scotland before and are looking forward to it if its possible, i ve been to oban camping with my family YEARS ago which was nice, but haven't been back since.

anyway, get in touch: jack_vs_sharks@hotmail.com

many thanks

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Got your split with When All Else Fails (and a Jets vs Sharks 12") but I'm afraid July is too short notice.

nice one! yeah it is a bit short notice, but we seem to be puuling through ok, just a couple of empty days so far! not bad.

thanks for looking tho!

how ace are WAEF? - they've turned into a new band - YOU ME AND THE ATOM BOMB, new album on household name and its fucking amazing!

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