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Dennis Rollins - UK's Best Jazz Trombonist?


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Dennis Rollins' Bad Bone & Co.

Friday 30 June

The Lemon Tree

Tickets 12 (8 concessions & regulars)

Doors Open: 9pm

Show Starts: 10pm

Box Office: 01224 642230

Dennis Rollins - best known for his work with The Jazz Warriors and Courtney Pine - brings a unique and exciting approach to the trombone in a repertoire of groove-based, funky dance music with jazz overtones. Alongside Dennis' mighty trombone sound you can hear Tomorrow's Warriors star Jay Phelps on trumpet, Johnny Heyes on guitar, Zoltan Dekany on acoustic bass, Alex Morgan on keys and Nathan Allen on drums. From the blues to hip hop, funk to soul, the popularity of this band just grows and grows.


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Band for the night is

Dennis Rollins - trombone and electronics

(and apparently he can play the trombone and human beat-box at the same time!)

Johnny Heyes - guitars

Jay Phelps - trumpet and fugel-horn

Zoltan Dekany - acoustic bass

Alex Morgan - keys

Pete Matthew - drums

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