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Triptych 06: David Holmes/Andy Votel/Dom Thomas: Voice of the Seven Woods


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Triptych 06: David Holmes/Andy Votel/Dom Thomas: Voice of the Seven woods

Saturday 29 April

The Lemon Tree

Tickets 10 + 1.50 b/fee

Box Office: 01224 642230

Doors Open: 10.30pm - all DJs

Crufew 2am

David Holmes

This Film's Crap, Let's Slash The Seats, charged Belfast's sonic conqueror David Holmes on his brooding, groove-inflected debut (199. Let's Get Killed, he further blazed on his funk-lubed urban-jungle follow up (1999).

Holmes enlivens cinemas and dance-floors alike: his pursuit as a reverenced sound-track composer has engendered comparisons to John Barry and Ennio Morricone - thanks to his gritty ambience, philharmonic sweeps, and clarion arch-jazz, (see the dusky ambience of Ocean's Eleven, or the retro funk-groove of Out of Sight).

Holmes' diversion as a DJ is equally venerated, as his exotic, obscure and obsolete Triptych set will avidly testify - expect a B-Music burl of euro-trash, cosmic rock, whacked-out jazz, Turkish break-beats, vintage prog and acid folk. Ol!

Andy Votel

Like a zippy Tasmanian devil he whirls - over filmmaking, remixing, designing, recording, label presiding, hat collecting, composing, shoe amassing, (and probably a hundred other things) - in a giddy burl.

Latter-day polymath Andy Votel - who co-founded Manchester's impish Twisted Nerve imprint with cohort and beanie-king Badly Drawn Boy - has loitered in hip-hop crews, owns over 200 shoes, and has worked with Kings Of Convenience, Can and Mouse on Mars.

Also a dizzying B-Music activist, he spins records eclectic as one might a gyroscope: soul, disco, krautrock, exotica, Polish jazz and Eastern folk are among Votel's myriad passions: catch him if you dare - and if you can.

Dom Thomas

An ardent, assiduous B-Music crusader - whose love of obscure, obsolete, deleted and delectable experimental vintage pop music has sparked a vibrant record-stall, dance-floor and sub-cultural uprising - Manchester beat-freak Dominic Thomas, (alongside groove-daddy Andy Votel), spearheads an infectious, impetuous campaign that champions long-forgotten way-out sounds and oft-unrecalled glorious off-kilter counter-culture: taking as its starting points: psych, prog, space-rock, ye-ye, euro beat, psych-folk, junk-funk, exotic pop and wacked-out jazz. Naturally.

Voice of the Seven Woods

Straddling krautrock, acid-folk, jazz, prog and tropicalia, (loosely bound by a randy Manchester sitar), prodigal pop knave Voice of the Seven Woods, (alias euphonious scamp and exotic one-man-band Rick Tomlinson), has fraternised with the likes of the Fence Collective's Lone Pigeon, and Twisted Nerve label-mate Badly Drawn Boy - to sire an acid-folk, esoteric wonder. A funambulist in the B-Music / Finders Keepers cavalcade, Voice of the Seven Woods' peculiar acoustic spells render Tomlinson a preternatural gem.


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