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I know everyone's looking for drummers but....


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The difference with this is, it can be seen as a side project.

Ideal for people in a band, but who want to gig a bit more.

OR, people just looking to have a laugh.

It's a classic / old school hard rock cover band.

We'll rehearse when needed.

We'd get together a bit more at the start, just to work out the bugs and

gell a bit. After that, if we're going to do a new song then we'd just learn

our bits and make sure it sounds good together. Easy! :band:

Covers range from AC/DC - Sabbath - Saxon - Faith No More - Judas Priest -

Iron Maiden - KISS - .... well, you get the idea.


Looking for a Drummer and a Singer.

If you're interested PM me or leave a post.

Take it easy :headbang:


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Sorry Dude. I actually just got someone.

I'll keep a not of tiy user name and let you know if it all goes tits up.

I've got no personal problem with your agae. I know a guy of 15 who could kick my ass playing guitar. The only problem I would have with you being 14 is that it was be pretty much impossible to play pubs and bars, unless you look well older.

Take it easy mate


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