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  1. fraze

    Power Metal

    hey i play drums im 14 tho shouldnt be a problem ive been playin for 8 years so pm me
  2. fraze

    Bassist Needed Asap

    as the title says WE NEED A BASSIST ASAP we are gonna be writin out own material and doin sum covers, we have singer = 18, drummer = 14, quitarist = 14, quitarist = 15, and we need a bassist rufly round the age of 14 to 16 preferebly male we we dont care gender ways our influences are Atreyu, Trivium, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, A7x the list could go on but thts just a taster anyway if ur interested PM me or reply
  3. fraze

    Drummer required...!

    im 14 i play metal stuff i have been playin for 8 yrs i have been thought by the mr kemp(bill) i would b really interestted in forming a band im good at double kicks
  4. fraze

    I know everyone's looking for drummers but....

    i look about 16
  5. i will do drums ok im 14 but ive been playin for 7 years
  6. fraze

    Metal @ Kef

    yes andrew mckelvie has a sore throat or summin
  7. fraze

    I know everyone's looking for drummers but....

    i will do it im 14 no 1 take me serious but im commited and i have been playing for 7 years
  8. fraze

    Metal @ Kef

    they are playin' on wednesday the 29th at kef doors 7
  9. fraze

    looking to form hardcore band

    im 14 i play drums i would be interested ive played in 1 band but that didnt go to well so im not that expirenced i have been playing for 7 years and i have and am beeing tought by bill kemp
  10. fraze

    Metal @ Kef

    cheers mate/ dude
  11. fraze

    Metal @ Kef

    klkl where do we get tickets from
  12. fraze

    Metal @ Kef

    will u be at the kef gig
  13. fraze

    Looking for a drummer and bassist

    thanks dude i accept ur advice we do have bands at skool but my mate is in all of them
  14. fraze

    Metal @ Kef

    cool man will do i agree bob is the shit like