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Finally, we've pulled our fingers from our arseholes and decided to get back into the good ol' swing of things. Weekly practicing, work on new songs and plans for another CD are all in motion, so far so good. Same line up and more passion than ever before. To top it off, the biggest gig we'll have played is just around the corner.

The next gig's going to be the greatest performance we will have put in to any show we've played. We've got two new songs nailed for the occasion (of the rock 'n' roll and funk varieties). It'll be our first gig in two months and our last one 'til the next CD comes out: summer time at the earliest.

The Line-up is scorching, two legendary local bands by the names of 10 Easy Wishes and Psycho-A-Go-Go, who are also both notorious for sending people to hospital with their high-energy, Duracell-powered, performances. It might be the last time you see either of these bands for years and as mentioned, the last time we'll be gracing the stage for months.

The date is March the 3rd,

The location is the Lemon Tree.

The scene is set, and we're just waiting for the curtains to rise.

This gig is not to be missed, by veterans or gig-virgins alike.

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