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bassist wanting to join band


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little bit about me

i haven't played bass all that long and am still trying to learn techniques, however have played classical guitar for about 9-10 years - managed to get to grade 6 in that. also managed grade 6 in piano too. so should easily be able to pick up tunes already written. not too sure about writing tunes, but i guess that comes with practice, and i havent tried yet - its kind of scary, will get round to it one day.

i am female, 20 and live in aberdeen city centre

ideally i would like to join a band to work towards playing gigs, but wouldn't mind to just "jam" for fun too, at the beginning anyways. till i can pick up some more skills.

as i said before, i would be a fairly quick learner. i like a really really wide variety of music. dont even know where to begin - dont want to name bands coz once i get started i would never stop. dont really like heavy metal or screamo type music - but pretty much almost anything apart from that ... 80's rock / 70's soul / modern pop/rock / some metal / ska - really some of anything .....

can send e-mail out if i get any replies

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I am a solo artist (kinda) just recorded an EP and i am in need of a bassist to join the rest of us!

I hope to gig really soon with this (acoustic and 'loud')

It's more of an alternative rock band however we have jazz and metal 'tinges'..... i don't understand that bit either!

Here is my email; u02dlj5@abdn.ac.uk

Myspace; www.myspace.com/rottendarrenlee

Get back to me if your interested or have any questions



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Hi my name is Sam. I am trying to start a band and need musicians. There are a few people interested. I have written my own songs and dont mind playing covers and collaborating. Ideally would play a mixture of covers and original material. I play drums, guitar and a bit of piano. I ve been in a few bands before and have gig experience and experience in recording studio. Into alot of different music. I am interested in playing gigs and have space to practice. If you are interested reply to this message. Thanks.

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