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Fao Stoner-rock Fans


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tensium are hosting a generator party in the style of kyuss/qotsa.

we need the cream of the local crop to help out, we only need two bands as we want to give long set times.

anyone that thinks they can perform outdoors and drink heavily then please PM me.

it will be in summer sometime and free of charge. (so im sorry, no pay. but if your the kind of band that is up for this im sure thats not a problem).

we would like a new band for an opening act but these are minor details. the main idea is for aberdeen-music fans to come together for a celebration of summer/music/acohol and each others support.

we want a huge crowd, you dont even have to like the music, as long as your up for a good time and a drink.

open invitation to all ab-mus users and friends.


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yeah, summer.....i know. but it takes a long time to organise this kinda shizzle.

got to organise an outdoor venue for a start, then make sure power is available. bands, set up, equipment, etc. sound may be a problem outdoors (i dunno).

legality of drinking outdoors at events organised by public etc.....fuck it, i'll bring some tents, people can drink in them.


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