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FAO all drummers


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hey, lookin for a drummer for a new band im starting

we current hav the rest of the line-up

female vocalist

2 male guitarists

and a female bassist

main influences include lost prophets, fall out boy, incubus, amunst many others (to be honest i dnt think thats the most important thng right now) but all of the current line-up enjoy different areas of alterative music. i.e one of our guitarist is into metal by the likes of metallica and slayer whilst the other guitarist is into nofx, the desendants and dropkick murphys, whilst our bassist lisins to quite alot of emo nd we wanna bring this all forward in our music which means we also wanna mix some medium heavy stuff with some mellower stuff too, a drummer who lisins to another style of music may bring another slant to our music so we realy aint picky on what u lisin to

but one things for sure this aint gonna be another evanesance type band that you can seem to go and see almost any night of the week at the moment

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