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Underflow Presents... All My Logic, Eskimo Blonde + Guests. 7th December@The Tunnels

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Ayrshire based three-piece, with the bands influences ranging from Joni Mitchell to Dillenger Escape Plan. Fresh from this year's T-Break tent at T in the Park and a Barrowlands Gig on the 25th November. Supported acts such as The Academy Is, Jetplane Landing, Johnny Panic, This Girl and Span the lads have a promising future!



NOT the X-Facter losers. Local Four Piece who have played live acoustic sets, attracted huge crowds at other Local Venues. They're pretty fucking ace.



The night shall be rounded off by a set from the Underflow DJs playing their usual mix of indie, New Wave, Lo Fi and Twee.

WEDNESDAY 7th December @ The Tunnels

Doors 8PM

Price TBC (Although probably 3/4 Quid)

More details to follow....


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After all that' date=' what happened to All My Logic. conspicuous in their absence? Hamper were good. Apparently they've shared line-ups with Snow Patrol in the past.[/quote']

all my logic put their van in for a service on monday then texted two hours before soundchek to tell us it wasn't out of the garage yet. giving us three hours to try and find another band to no avail.

Big thanks to hamper and Eskimo Blonde for being so accomidating. My impromtu hour and a half DJ set was an attempt to compensate. Hamper were fucking ace, and lovelly guys too. Yeah played with Snow patrol years ago in Dundee.

Hope you enjoyed the night even without All My Logic

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Gogs here [hamper drums] just want to say thanks to all o' y'all at the tunnels for giving us a great night! we were chuffed with the sound too - ta to yer lovely engineeress.

We'll hopefully be back soon with a longer set

Muchos respect!

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