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NOXAGT + Kevin Blechdom + Planning To Rock


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interesting music & Arkade Projects are very proud to announce another

evening of the finest contemporary cross-over entertainment under one roof



Kevin Blechdom (Chicks on Speed)

Planning To Rock (Twisted Nerve/Roston)

Saturday 15th October

Peacock Visual Arts,

Aberdeen. Phone (01224) 627094

Doors 8pm

Entry 6

Come early


Hailing from Norway, Noxagt have come to burn your dirty soul. Three piece in the bass, guitar, and drums format. Their records are pummeling masterpieces. Songs that breathe through their mouth very loudly. Noxagt is at the forefront of the Nor-Wave movement that takes cues from the American wrecking units like LIGHTNING BOLT and PINK AND BROWN and adds a distinctly Norwegian heavy slant. NOXAGT's music emphasises a heavy and powerful rhythm section, with a massive downtuned bass guitar and crushing, often shifting drums. The droning viola of Nils Erga has now been substituted for the experimental guitar playing of Anders Hana. Anders is also a member of Jaga Jazzist, Ultralyd and Morthana. His roots are in free improvisation and his resum includes performances with Trevor Dunn (Fantomas), Paal Nilssen-Love and Mats Gustafsson. NOXAGT is for fans of hard rock and swinging unconventional riffage, dirty crawl such as the MELVINS, and single minded pummel like label-mates/touring partners LIGHTNING BOLT.


KEVIN BLECHDOM (Chicks on Speed)

In a world of electronic music where laptop performers' movements culminate in the occasional squeeze of a mouse button, KEVIN BLECHDOM (aka Kristen Erickson) is a graceless, bouncing monstrosity. Forgoing academic sterility (of which she knows plenty) in favour of bright irreverence, she toys fearlessly with cartoon effects, fingerpicking banjo and power balladery in deliberately accomplished "bad" songs. Crude, theatrical and delusional, she's a psycho-sexual balloon-head with a laptop, a keyboard, a banjo, and songs from the heart. All of which may obscure the fact that US born KEVIN BLECHDOM is one of the most gifted producers in electronic music today. Latest album "Eat My Heart Out" (2005) is an autobiographical musical story about love in which Kevin takes a vulnerable head-first dive into the contradictions and desparation of human emotion. It's a dense musical journey of contrasting styles, surprises, and heartache, tragic ballades, pirate shanties, self-help anthems, and hillbilly torch songs (recorded on laughing gas). Blechdom is a singular musical personality right up there with MIKE PATTON, PEACHES, or DREW DANIEL (MATMOS/SOFT PINK TRUTH), at once miles off the radar and addictively accessible.



PLANNINGTOROCK (Twisted Nerve/Roston)

Berlin based one woman band and video artist Janine Rostron. She performs together with her band of symmetrical make-believe characters, which are projected on and about her as she unleashes wild, Kate Bush influenced vocals. She collaborates regularly with fellow Berliners KEVIN BLECHDOM and MOCKY and also runs her own label Rostron Records.


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