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United Bible Studies + The Kitchen Cynics Orchestra + Mickel Mass


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interesting music are delighted to announce annother evening of eclectic goings-on


Sun 4th Sept 05

The Tunnels

Doors 8pm

Entrance 4


United Bible Studies (Ireland)

featuring guest vocalist Daniel Patrick Quinn

The Kitchen Cynics

Mickel Mass (the long set)

United Bible Studies are a loose collective who over the past few years have built up an amazingly impressive list of who they have toured Ireland with. Their latest cd release is unlike anything UBS have recorded before or since. Two long tracks. The first is an epic dirge of pulsing feedback loops, synths, riffing cellos and moany vocal mantras. The title track is a semi-improvised instrumental based on potentially-irritating high-pitched broken glass loops leading to solar meltdown. This is The darkest United Bible Studies release yet, We even wore our cloaks in the studio. "Sonic day dreamers from Ireland's Deserted Village collective, take things a few steps further outside with this release. Tranquil soundscapes are now assaulted and made dirty with profuse effects and madman mantra rants cycles. Still there is no mistaking this unit's aptitude in pastoral and elemental psychedelia, but this recording shows their beast in the full light of the sun." Joining them will be Edinburgh based singerpoet Daniel Patrick Quinn whose new cd has been gathering plaudits for its unique angle on social reality, check out what the press have said about this release on


and guess who UBS are playing with in Iteland soon, click here


The Kitchen Cynics Orchestra

Alan Davidson is at last receiving the public attention he deserves. His songs are couthy social & historical ne ballads for the 21century, in psychodelic folk stylings. Every live performance increases what interesting music has thought for a good while, the man is special. Tonight he will perform with his trusted sidekicks & as usual we will be in for a treat.

Mickel Mass (the longer set)

A coming together of the best local improvisors, who promise to leave their

calling card for even more fun. Expect the Unexpected, but you will recognise some well kent faces & featuring a set related to the evening in general. Bring on the dancing girls & priests & the robots!!!!

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