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Venue Directory launched!


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The new Venue Directory section of the web site has now been launched. Unfortunately, not a single local venue bothered to send me even the most basic contact details for their venue so it could be added to the web site. But thanks to Rico letting me use some of the information from the AUBL web site and from my own digging I was able to make a stab at getting the section up and running. As you will see I've tried to capture every local venue no matter how big or small that hosts live music on at least a semi-regular basis.

No doubt I've missed at least a few venues and I'm sure lots more information can be added to the venue pages already there. But it's a start and hopefully seeing what is possible might prompt a few of you venue owners out there into sending me some information! So please send in your venue information to me either via private message or e-mail. Any local venue can have a page so please just send me your information. :)

I hope you all find it useful. Lot's more content for the web site is planned so stay tuned for more exciting developments...

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