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ARC Studio Mintlaw?


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I was on the Aberdeenshire Council website and I came across ARC 32 Track Digital Studio. Based in Aden Country Park, Mintlaw, Aberdeenshire. http://www.nefa.net/arc/

I have never heard of this studio before nor seen it mentioned on the site. Does anybody know anything much about it? Has anybody used it?

Two lines lifted from the Aberdeenshire site " It is available for hire and is suitable for a wide variety of music genres in addition to the spoken word." and "ARC Recording Studio is a digital recording facility specialising in acoustic music and sound for film and new media."

For those of you in the know their equipment list is at the bottom. I don't know how up to date that list is as their site has info from 2002 in places. Apprently it is 25 an hour for recording with an engineer included in the price.


Soundcraft Ghost 24 LE mixing desk

Digidesign Pro Tools 002 Hard Disk Recorder (MAC)

Soundscape Hard Disk Recorder (PC)

Neumann U87 and Electrovoice RE20 mics

Denon DN770 cassette machines

Monitoring (stereo):

Behringer, Samson and NAD power amps

Tannoy 800s & Wharfedale (near range) monitors

Beyer DT150 headphones

Monitoring (DVD-A 5.1 Surround):

Denon AVR2801 A/V RA

KEF Q55.2 (x5) Monitors

Velodyne CT100 Subwoofer

Signal Processing:

Wave Mechanics Digital Reverb

Digitech Studioquad Multi FX

Klark Teknik DN332

Yamaha Rev500


Tascam DA30 MkII DAT

HHb CD- R800

Apple-Mac Superdrive DVD-R

Field Recording:

HHb Portadat

Fostex DMT 8vl - 3.2 gig

Sony Mini Disc

MIDI Management:

Pro Tools 002

Evolution AUDIO / MIDI sequencing

DOP instrument library

Wave File / Mp3 Management:

Cool Edit Pro 2

DART Pro Wave Manager

Creative Wave audiofile editing

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