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Dizzy Storm

HEY ENEMY + TITUS GEIN, sat 30th July

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arkade projects present

HEY ENEMY - a three piece from Stirling who feature Colin and Chris from Dead or American. Recently had two songs featured on the Predestination Records compilation. Taking influences from Fu Manchu, Drive like Jehu and Kyuss. The live shows are loud, dirty and frantic.

Listen at http://www.myspace.com/heyenemy

TITUS GEIN are another 3 piece attracting huge attention from Glasgow and beyond. Synth-laden rock like Add (N) to (X ) and TransAm running into old school metal riffs. New album Advanced techniques for hands and feet is to be released on Glasgow label TooManyFireworks. Iain Cook (Aereogramme) is currently adding the final touches to the album.

Listen at www.myspace.com/titusgein www.titusgein.com www.2mf.co.uk

Local support will see the live return of MASAMUNE (tbc)

Saturday 30th July @ Cellar 35 doors and tax t.b.c

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titus gein's influences...

'they influence us because we listen to them and they have changed our lives in one way or another--------- bands including--------- devo, focus, primus, tool, isis, fantomas, the presidents of u.s.a, lightning bolt, the fucking champs, trans am, dream theatre, macrocosmica, dead or american, lapsus linguae, hey enemy, avatar, none my equal, duracell, king crimson, queens of the stone age, clutch, black sabbath, the melvins, at the drive in, boris, cult of luna, mad capsule markets, muse, rage against the machine, richard pryor, bill hicks, the marx brothers, the reverend obadiah steppenwolf III, bill bailey, dylan moran, billy connelly and a whole bunch more............

quite a range!! haha!

**update** THE VIDEOS are announced as one local support

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