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Anti-G8 Benefit Gig - The Tunnels June 22nd

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Wednesday June 22nd at The Tunnels, 7-11pm:

Benefit gig - monies raised from which will benefit

aberdeenshireG8actions, who are a Dissent! affiliated group organising

against the G8

with music, comedy, poetry, and clowns.

Those appearing include - Wendy Ivers, Gus Abbot, Simon Spoor, Tony Littler,

Rapunzel, George K, Hilda Meers, Jerry Jablonsky, Nath, and The

Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army.

Tickets 4/3 concessions.

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Surely people should be trying to encourage the G8 to do good rather than "anti-G8" what is the thinking behind it?

Don't wanna get in to a discussion here, but come along. The Clown Army make this show a must see.

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"Following the Peoples Global Action call for a united global day of action in 1998, the Summit protests have, however, grown and strengthened, forcing the G8 Summits to more and more remote locations with ever increasing security costs."

So who pays for these extra security costs then?

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