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identify a dude who was in the moorings last night for me.....

The Ghost Of Fudge

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there was a chap at the fudge gig in the moorings last night (sat 11th june).

just wondering if anybody knew him at all?

had a 'wine' coloured shirt on. fairly big glasses too. stood at the 'entrance' end of the bar for a pint, but didn't hang around... i think he lives halfway up summerfield terrace(?)... quite near the old fudge flat... above my cunting ex-girlfriends flat, i think....

anyone... :) ???

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Guest Laura@TMB

Was he standing at the "corner" of the bar, and drinking Guinness? Dark brown hair, and mid 30s-ish, age wise? If so, that chap works at North Sea Stores on Regent Quay. I don't know his name which is a bit bad given I speak to him most days. He's not in the bar that often.

Does this sound like the guy?

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