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Niall (TGF)

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I concur whole heartedly. Nice to see some one in aberdeen who's actually heard of any of those bands! You guys put me in mind of pavement playing stoner or sonic youth jamming with led zepplin. The last song you played that night with the keyboard and the vocal effect machine reminded me and the one-up/dedalus crew of the unicorns, which is always a good thing. Will be checking out yr next gig. Also good to see someone who's in to Akiria Kurosawa's films.

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haha, we are actually playing drummonds this tuesday night (26th) with Dedalus and The rescue party, should be brilliant. As for the pavement and sonic Youth references i can't thank you enough, both bands i love, especially pavement :D On another note I heard "Why?" ( yoni wolf ) from cLOUDEAD and Hymies Basement is releasing a new album this year, really look forward to hearing that. lol i am also very impressed you could recognise my picture as being of akira kurosawa ( seven samurai ) :)

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