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  1. Hey Aberdeen Music we (LENIN DEATH MASK) recorded a NEW demo. Have a listen it's just over 2 minutes http://soundcloud.com/lenin-death-mask/breakfast-of-champions
  2. We thought about this ourselves after playing 3 consecutive shows earlier in the year in which the poster said 'tour', which we thought didn't really apply. We called it a jaunt. So we think this is either a mini tour or extended jaunt.
  3. amanti


    Fergus Tiernan was listed as born in Nigeria in match-day programs. I always found this strange.
  4. amanti


    I liked this. I also liked the spoken word in 'Scene Wars - Hinckley Remix'. It didn't detract or distract from the music which was cool, although it got a bit murky in the louder outro but that might be down to the audio file being a rip or whatnot. Totally, totally awesome for demos.
  5. I think everyone needs to just chill out, take a breather and just remember what this is all about...slagging bands we don't like, okay? If that makes me an arsehole, then I guess I'm an arsehole.
  6. Like I said earlier we appreciate that you've taken some time out to listen to the song because we are writing music because we love music, as cliched as it sounds. I think everything here got blown out of proportion. We love the loud brash guitars though, so we won't be changing that.
  7. Okay, I understand what you are getting at now. I explained the process of the recording and why the guitars may have sounded distorted or clipped, but they weren't. I think we'll just have to agree to disagree here.
  8. He gave feedback on the track and I explained why I thought what he said was wrong. He said it was "reaaaaalllllllyyyyy rouuughhhh" and explained why he thought it was. Then I took on board what he said and detailed the process I went through in the recording and why what he said wasn't entirely correct. I don't understand how it didn't warrant a response?
  9. I didn't intend to have a dismissive tone if it came across that way. Just that for a demo recording it served its purpose well and that I didn't agree with a lot of what he was saying, because it was untrue.
  10. Yeah, I wanted the recording to sound big, and as authentic to the live sound as possible. So because of this the guitars are loud to fill in more space in the mix. They're panned too, which may give a loud feel to the whole thing. It's great there's a wee debate going on about this now.
  11. Yeah, I would have liked to but it was just me recording Tam at the time, and we only had one condenser mic. But yeah, ideally I'd like to have more mics but for the purposes of the demo I think it worked.
  12. I wouldn't necessarily say I was being touchy, I gave a detailed explanation as to why the recording was the way it was.
  13. I appreciate that you've taken the time to listen to the recording and understand fully that this is a forum for feedback, but I'm pretty sure it was stated before that this was a demo recorded with 2 mics. The drum kit was miced using one mic and I think it does well to capture a true balance between each part of the drumkit. You can hear the kicks, the snare, the toms, the hi-hats, the cymbals, without any of them being over powering or quiet. In that respect being the person who recorded everything I think we did well with the limited resources we had. The guitars aren't at any point clipping. The guitars are EQ'd such that they drop out some of the lower frequencies so that the bass can be heard, rather than to muddy it up. I stuck a limiter on the guitars and vocals so that they didn't clip also. I wanted to create a good, professional recording with the limited resources we had and I think we did a pretty good job. You've obviously got your own opinion, which is great, and this forum is for feedback and we appreciate that, but I'm gonna have to disagree with you on everything apart from the song being great.
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