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  1. email me on whanekom@me.com. I'm in my mid 30's if that is not an issue, lets set up a meet if you like and get this looked at. Where are you based out of?

  2. Evening,

    Are you still looking for a Guitarist? l'm at both acoustic and electric guitar, even been known to sing when required.


  3. Have the guitarist x2,vocals and the bass sorted. Just need the drummer now.
  4. Starting a new band in Aberdeen, looking for the above mentioned and anything else that wants in. We dont have a sounds yet, but like the sounds like Train, Snow Patrol, light rock, but are open minded for new ideas. Covers and original work to be played. That being said, this is with an eye on live gigs, so commitment will be required, practise 1-2 a week initially. Gigging experience preferred but not essential. Please own transport and gear, all ages above the legal drinking age welcome email me.
  5. We have stared new band, classic rock type stuff. Currently 3 guitars, drummer and singer. Easy going guys, hoping to start gigging in about 3 month. Experienced all of us. Any age welcome. Email me....
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