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  1. Guitar 92' usa ash telecaster with bare knuckle the boss pickups. Modern player jazzmaster with bare knuckle missisippi queen pickups. Boss tu2 - free the tone gigs bosson(overdrive) - boss dd7 - earthquaker devices terminal(fuzz) - strymon flint(reverb & tremolo) - mooer shimverb(reverb/shimmer) - T. rex tone bug chorus - xotic ep booster(clean boost/always on) Bogner Shiva el34 into an old Mesa 2x12 recto cab I have just started getting a bass rig together and use a Mexican jazz bass for that and have a dark glass B7K for a preamp/drive. I am in need of an amp right now but will sort that in the new year.
  2. Sorry buddy. can do a cash sale slightly cheaper than asking if you are interested,
  3. hey buddy. do you still have the sg for sale?

  4. Clear out to pay some bills. Photos available via email. First off Matamp custom 4x12 400w handling best guitar cabs available in the uk These are hand made. Purple covering with gold hardware. These are 1000 new and have a huge waiting list. £350 Keeley modded boss tremelo pedal. Great condition £50 Red witch fuzz god 2. Mint condition hand made Fuzz pedal. From nice break up to way past a fuzz factory wild. £180 new so will sell for £100 Line 6 g30 wireless. Mint condition. £250 new so will sell for £190
  5. For sale is a custom Matamp 4x12 in good condition. Last purple one that will ever be made. Hand made in Huddersfield. These are close to 900 new now. Best cabs on the market in the uk. Will take 400
  6. Anyone looking for a very high end fuzz pedal? It is a wild unit and can do so much. Similar to the zvex fuzz factory but more useable. Handmade in the U.S Mint condition Costs 170 new. Will take 110
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