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  1. Male bassist, 24, big beard, seeks to form new or join existing band. Influences include at the drive-in, refused, far, fugazi, RATM, biffy +loads! Experience gigging, own transport and gear. Aberdeen city and south of city area prefereable. Pm or email if any questions!
  2. Haha I'm sure my ego is far too big to compete with a 2nd bass player in the same band!
  3. 24yr bass player, just finished playing bass with the band decipher and now looking for my next fix! willing join existing or form new band. experience gigging and writing own material. looking for alternative or post hardcore/punk band. Influences include Biffy (especially early biffy!), at the drive-in, far, fugazi, mars volta, blackout, muse, refused.. can go on and on! just pm or email jackpheeley@gmail.com cheers!
  4. 23, the last band i was in was a bit prog but im into biffy, q and not u, at the drive-in, fugazi but im willing to play most things, iv a very eclectic taste tho and up for trying anything.
  5. hey there im a bassist and into a lot of the bands u mentioned. im new too the area too and willing to travel to the city for practice etc. give me a shout if u wana know more!
  6. Im a open minded bass player and would be seriously interested if ur still in need of one.
  7. bassist ready and available, living near laurencekirk/montrose/brechin area. access to a car most evenings/weekends. loads of influences but mostly biffy, at the drive-in, far, fugazi and heavier stuff too.. looking to start or join a band within the next month. msg me email, whatever..
  8. check out my profile dunno if theres anything there along the same lines ur thinking of but im quite open to new ideas. if interested drop me an email. iv just moved to the area south of aberdeen but have my own transport and equipment.
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