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  1. to form an electronic 3 piece band in the vein of...i dunno....pendulum, classic dance, even ladytron-style kind of electronic/dancey stuff. or if you're a girl who can sing (and preferably play keys), and want to form a band at all, give us a shout! Currently, "we" are a drummer and a synth player. Got some songs done already, and think a girl would be a perfect voice for this kind of thing let us know! ps. synth playing's a bonus, not a must
  2. uhh... you can buy them brand new for 170.
  3. i still love halo multiplayer, cant wait for this. CoD World at War's multiplayer videos look pretty fun, pretty much the same as CoD4, but thats not really a bad thing
  4. mahoney

    Apple Emac

    man, im on a bit of a mac nostalgia trip since i got my new macbook:) but no need for this just now really. nice piece of kit though
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