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  1. That was awesome! Farewell Singapore set the night up perfectly with their energy. TWBF were just as good as I hoped and Lions were my least favourite but good all the same.
  2. I have 2 spares available for this if anyone needs? I am away on a stagger this weekend now so can't make it. Let me know if interested - face value (15 each i think it was)
  3. Superb!! I was disappointed I was missing it as I play football on Wedensdays nights. Got home at 9.30 and thought "feck it, I'm going!". Really glad I did as I loved them. Got in just for their first song starting. What were the supports like?
  4. Just listening to these guys now and thought...YAS, I must get to this gig. Then I scrolled back up and realised it was on a Wednesday. Boooooooo. I can't do wednesdays. Booooo. This'll be good I'm sure.
  5. Quality gig last night. Support bands 6/10, The Answering Machine 9/10 8-) Why did they not play 'Silent Hotels' though? It ain't on their album either but it's a belter!
  6. Excellent, think I will be heading along. Any idea of stage times as don't want to miss anyone. Cheers
  7. I'm there! Edit: Just noticed...10 posts in 10 months. I am the ultimate lurker!
  8. Headlight were brilliant, Unicorn Kid was strangely awesome (I want a Lion Hat) Iglu and Hartly seemed a bit gash as expected.
  9. Well i guessed it wasn't compulsory! I'm confused though. This thread says the even is 19.00 - 21.00 where as the other one on this page says Sergeant are on around 21.00.
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