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  1. 31 Year old bass player looking to get some people together to play music. Not really interested in playing gigs or anything serious just jamming. Used to playing metal/rock music but will play any type of music on the go!
  2. Hey, if you haven't found anything drop me a message.
  3. Anyone looking to jam some rock/stoner/prog music? Not looking for anything serious just hang out drink some beer and play some good tunes. I will play just about anything so if your keen give me a shout. Cheers
  4. Ok sounds good I stay in aberdeen myself, plus I've got my own motor so Huntleys not a problem. Give me a shout on 07759343575 for a jam!

  5. Nice one, sounds good. When do u guys practice? Don't worry I can get u guys a round at the bar haha

  6. Yeah, have been looking for a while now and like the stuff u guys are playing. Would def be interested if u are still looking?

  7. Alright, was just wondering if u guys are still looking for a bass player?
  8. Been playing for 4 years now and gigged with a few bands here and there. looking for something different along the lines of the sword, saviours, thin lizzy, priestess but will play anything really aslong as it grabs u by the balls and makes u tap ur foot. If ur interested throw me an email at stuartp1@hotmail.co.uk
  9. Emeritus is in need of a new vocalist, we have played a few gig and have started to write our own stuff. infulences include thin lizzy, high on fire, pantera, cancer bats, down, every time i die. if you are interested email me at stuartp1@hotmail.co.uk cheers
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