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  1. billythekid

    Dutch Politician offers 40,000 Bj's !!!

    brilliant, I don't think you get all 40,000 to yourself though, not according to the sign up page, also each blowjob is to last no more than 5 minutes, hardly worth the plane fare.... hardly. btk
  2. billythekid

    If you eat chicken...

    I tried crocodile meat the other day for the first time, it DID taste just like chicken, in fact it cooked the same too. Had buffalo and ostrich as well, mate of mine is getting them from a market in glasgow from these people(they have a veggie section too). I'm not so keen on the ostrich meat although the kids loved it. As for the film in post one, it was upsetting yeah but it's not going to stop me eating meat. I for one am glad we don't see things like this happening in this country and more glad that we generally don't know how our meat gets from inside the cow onto our plate. Ignorance is tasty bliss. btk
  3. billythekid

    Genuine Advantage

    It's a pain in the arse piece of software that if you are using a pirated windows will popup windows and not allow updates. I had a "how to remove it" piece on my old website about it too because once it's installed it's a pain to remove. btk
  4. billythekid

    Your current read?

    I just finished(about 4 months ago) Things My Girlfriend and I Have Argued about by Mil Millington. He got the book deal after the website of the same name... TMGAIHAA I'm about to (re-)start with Christopher Brookmyre's Not the End of The World which I am assured is a good read. btk
  5. billythekid


    nah you're screwed with two. I've only managed to ever "tame" budgies when it's on it's own. Otherwise they just laugh at you behind your back. A single bird is really easy to get to land on your hand and walk about the floor/your head etc. btk
  6. billythekid

    C.S.A (Child Support) HELP

    Not much he can do mate, he could try to appeal it, but in my experience when the CSA have decided on a figure that's it. Best thing he can do is make his payments and if she won't let him have any access take her to court over it. If she is being unreasonable, i.e he's not done anything to provoke her into removing access, hit her/the kids or whatever, then he should have good grounds for access.