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  1. Im not suprised of that either, the last few times I have been in snafu it has been pretty dead. Its one of the few places in town that I get to do a decent comedy gig at so im glad its staying
  2. Not to bothered about warehouse, it was a pretty piss poor club. But bassment is a nice bar, would be a shame if it went under to
  3. Douglas Combe - Matanuska not just saying it because we are in the same band, the guy is shit hot!
  4. I was looking at trying to get some gigs in Dundee and Glasgow, but dont have any connections in those places. any of you guys fire me over some links or email addresses of promotional people etc cheers!
  5. Where did your last single top on the charts?
  6. Available here for your listnening pleasure Matanuska on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads
  7. Hi, its prob a long shot But if anyone bought Roadburn tickets and somewhere down the line they find out they cannot make it or just don't fancy going can you let me know and I will gladly buy the ticket off you.
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