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  1. "A bad ass mother fucker who loves to simply rock... nothing fancy just make it dirty!" In the words of our drummer lol yea so it influences like motley crue, twisted sister, brides of destruction, new york dolls etc. 16 - 20 yr old again!] PLease get in touch thanks!
  2. hey there guys, we are a glam band who consist of a bassist , guitarist and a drummer we are really needing a guy (sorry girls!) who can match up to vince neil, Blackie Lawless and Dee Snider. 16 - 20 yr olds please! If anyone is intrested give us an e-mail back on nikkithunders666@hotmail.co.uk or leave a message here. Thanks Nikki xxxx
  3. band im mainly into in to metallica, motley crue, the distillers, van halen, pantera, twisted sister and david bowie would be grateful if ages 16 - 19. If intrested please e-mail me @ xx_duff_this_xx@hotmail.co.uk or give me a private message. Thanks for your time Nikki xxx
  4. i`m bassist, i`ve been playing bass for 2 nearly 3 years, the only problem is that i`m more into punk
  5. cool i`m looking to start a punk band and can i just say i`m sorry but i`m looking for people between the ages of 16 - 19 thankies peeps xx
  6. hey guys i`m looking for a bassist and drummer to start up a band i am looking for a punk bassist and drummer, umm my influences are dead kenndys, ramones, distillers, Uk Subs , motley crue, new york dolls so if your intrested give me a message back as soon as you can nikki xxxx
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