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  1. Sum COTC videos from the club the other night by Sam Brill Heads with little sense - Cinnamon Hill -
  2. hey. Are you still looking for another guitarist?
  3. hello, I am looking to buy a second hand Squire Affinity Telecaster, as people have suggested that they are quite good for beginners. I would be looking to pay around 60.00. PM me Thanks
  4. this gig should be really good, looking forward to seeing all the bands!! any one else thinking of going? x
  5. hello! I was in One Up today and saw your CD on the shelfs! I hope everything is going well x
  6. hello!! Was at the Emergenza festival at the tunnels last night, really enjoyed the show, that all the bands played really well! For anyone else that was there, what did u think? Highlights of the show? x
  7. Hi guys, Your new song is ACE, really like it. Thought it sounded really good live and glad you chose to record it. Hopefully i'll make it to your next gig, can't wait!
  8. Yeah totally agree that you should be taking all the gigs you can - being a new band you have to establish yourselves some how. You are sounding really good - look forward to hearing more tunes!
  9. I think thats a bit harsh - pairty's fall are new and therefore are just trying to get gig experience and i think they are sounding amazing already. I will def be at this!
  10. This sounds like a really good line-up. I'll def be there - should be a good night!
  11. I don't think it is an x-certs rip off, i think it sounds really cool. I like the xcerts don't get me wrong just don't think its a rip off. I'll def be at the gig!!
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