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  1. Oh Dear So having an opinion is frowned apon on this site now? The post you reffered to said 'why don't people get off their arses and come and see us' Ollie clearly said he had and put forward an opinion that im sure many more on this site would agree with' date=' secretly.I've seen them too and would completely agree with his opinion. Can't see anything constructive about telling Eskimo Blond their a great band when they are obviusly some stupid Pub-MOR band that the rest of the country would laugh at even Texas fans. Its obvious from the first post that a member of the band wrote that! Three posts are almost identical in style this coming from accounts that were set up at similar times and have similar avaitors. It reads like a piece of PR machinary not the genuine response of fans. Check the response of all those guys who went to the gig at Drummonds the other night (EF I think was the name) did they post a load of 'picture the scene the crowds reved-up then bang the band kicked in' crap or did they just go on to say how the band were outstanding and they thought it was a great gig. I personally think its easy to spot a fraudster like this a mile off. But I suppose Aberdeen Journals and the Sunday Show thingy on Northsound will love them![/quote'] I will break a golden rule of my own and reply to the above thread. May i take a moment to point out that it was I that added the link to the reviews on this forum on our web page. Again, i assure you that none of the band posted these comments and we don't know who did! We heard there were a couple of good reviews about the night and so linked to them. After the tired old responses further down the thread, i took the link off the site as it would not have reflected well on the local music 'critics' or aberdeen-music.com. Everyone has their own opinion, however they are always hiding behind the anonymous nature of these forums which is all to easy to do. The webmaster pointed out above that if you've nothing constructive to say then don't say (or assume) so. If you search through the forums, you can see the same sad old thread progression all over the place. 1 - I like this band 2 - Hey, I like them too! 3 - I think they're shit! 4 - I agree with 3 5 - I agree with 1 and 2 6 - i am the foremost authority on music and have decided that as i'm 15 with acne, therefore this band are crap. 7 - blah blah blah 8 - blah blah blah We have never utilised this forum before for any purpose due to the negativity that exists on these boards. The threads that exist relating to Eskimo Blonde have been started by others and we have now seen what the online community can be like we will most certialny not use it for any purpose, which is a shame as it could be a valuable tool for any local band. Why not offer CONSTRUCTIVE criticism - tell bands WHY you don't like them, perhaps offer a reason for your comments rather than "obviusly some stupid Pub-MOR band " as this is YOUR opinion so not OBVIOUS! For all the people that sit and slag local bands off online, why not come up and tell us face to face after a gig and pass on all your musical experience and guidance / hints tips and lessons / and general slaggings so as we can act on them there and then!! We hear plently of good comments after gigs, but funnily enough, no one with the balls to say any different! That all appears online. Aberdeen-Music - you're doing a great job, but i can speak on behalf of several bands by saying you are correct in assuming that we don't want to use these forums for the reasons above. If you are aiming for a general forum for angst ridden teens to vent their hormonal judgements, these buffons are steering you in that direction. Finally - to Miss Velocity Girl (who's probably a fat 18 year old male) - you quoted "Its obvious from the first post that a member of the band wrote that" - Can you see how wrong you are - you declare your knowledge of subjects you know fu**k all about and turn the threads into bulllsh*t. Ro Eskimo Blonde
  2. Eskimo Blonde 22nd Octpber - Lemon Tree The Lemon Tree on the 22nd October will see the following 4 bands take to the stage: Eskimo Blonde KF Tokyo The Method Baby Karma All 4 bands are from the North East and provide a mix of music to appeal to a wide audience. Tickets are on sale now from the Lemon Tree box office or from band members.
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