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  1. PS - will sell seperatly if someones only looking for one ticket. Thanks Debs
  2. I have two tstanding tix for The charlatans gig on monday......25 each.......call 07799878027 if interested.
  3. Hi I am looking for one ticket for the above gig. Please let me know if you know of anyone selling one. Ta Debs
  4. Hi I have one Rockness with camping ticket to sell. 110. Call 07799878027 if interested. Ta! Debs x
  5. 2 standing tickets for tonights gig at the music hall. 16 each. Call 07799878027. Thanks
  6. Hi I am looking for one ticket to see The View at Kef on the 24th Oct. If anyone knows of anyone with a spare can you give me a shout?!! Ta!!
  7. I thought The View were playing in Glasgow that night at the QMU??!
  8. You can get pre-sale tickets today, www.yeahyeahyeahs.com
  9. Debs81


    The guitarist is in a band called McArthur and im pretty sure the drummer is now in Kubb
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