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  1. Myself and Gibby are very happy to be warming up for: Funk DVoid on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads
  2. We're back, with a klick-klick Klack! You all set Gibby? Here's the link to our set last in August: Send big files the easy way. Files too large for email attachments? No problem! And, here's a link to my Wizard minimix that I did for Cheynie's radio show: Send big files the easy way. Files too large for email attachments? No problem! Tracklisting: 01 Blossom - Anthony Collins - Freak N Chic 02 She Knows - Dyed Soundorom - Freak N Chic 03 Take Me Back - Gene Farris [John Hawley Bside Dub] - Farris Wheel Recordings 04 Mistral - Christian Smith & John Selway [ Anthony Pieete] - Bedrock Records 05 What You Think Techin' it Up - Keith Carnal - Aenaria Music 06 Mudho - Andy Rox - Plus Code Recordings 07 Just Give It - Sami Wentz [Robin Hirte] - BEEF Records 08 Sequel - SQL - SK Supreme Records 09 No Turning Back - Gui Boratto [Wighnomy's Likkalize Love Rekksmi - Kompakt
  3. I bought this stand a while ago, from Thomann, and have never used it. It's still boxed, and has all the parts You'll find all the specifications on Thomann's website: HERE I'm looking for 45 ovno PM me on here, if you're interested. Thanks
  4. Thanks for voting Lucky Rathen. I'm afraid I have an agreement to take my bf with me, if I win. He made me put it in writing and everything LOL Hope you managed to download the mix. I think it should be around 80 MB or thereabouts Thanks again - I really appreciate you taking the time to vote
  5. Hey Everyone I have a one in six chance of playing at my dream venue - Space, Ibiza, and I need your vote to help me on my way. To vote you need to be registered, so if you have the time to do this, please go to: We Love Music - Official Website and fill in the registration form. You will then receive a confirmation email from We Love, which will give you details to activate and log in. Once you've done that you can vote on the following page: We Love Music - DJ Mixes & Biographies I'm at the very bottom of the page - you can't miss me - I have red war paint on Thank you to everyone who votes. Winning this would change my life Cheers x
  6. Cheers guys Hey Colin - how you doing? I just left you a comment on myspace. Was wondering when your remix of You got the love is gonna be available to listen to....
  7. Hey Just got word that another of my tracks will be played on Huw Stephen's Radio One Introducing show tomorrow night - midnight til 2am :twisted: Here's the link for his show: BBC - Radio 1 - Huw Stephens If it's way past your bedtime you'll be able to donwload the show (obviously after it's aired), but if that's just too much to cope with you can just listen to it on my myspace: MySpace.com - DJ Lunik - UK - Techno / Electronica / Breakbeat - www.myspace.com/djlunik It's called Real Life and is the second track on my player Cheers
  8. Thanks Bryn - appreciated btw did you get my music I sent you for your radio show?
  9. Oh, soz about that, I thot I put the exact link in. Doh! o_O Thanks for pointing that out Lucky Rathen. Here's the link: Lunik's Tech-Dub re-rub : Celeda and Danny Tenaglia's 'Music is the Answer' remix | Beatportal
  10. Hello I've got a remix of Danny T's track in the Beatportal comp, and would really appreciate your support. If you like my track, please give it a Spin, to vote for me, so that I can (hopefully) get thro to the next stage. Here's the link: Remix Contests | Beatportal You do need to be logged in to spin/vote, but if you've already got a Beatport account, the Beatportal log in is the same. Comments are most welcome. I hope you enjoy the track Cheers
  11. Cheers Gomes - yeh I was pretty pleased (understatement!) Also just got that track signed to an indie label, so should be available for purchase soon, which is also great news. Onwards..... How's tings with you - guess you're keeping busy as ever?
  12. Ah well never mind - cheers for letting me know Gomes
  13. I'm using Traktor with faderfox controllers (without control cds or vinyl). Is that allowed?
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