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  1. After a successful come back show on Hogmanay at Cafe Drummonds the original Lady Mercedes line up will play the tunnels on Thursday 11th January, this is live, loud and raw classic Rock n Roll mixed with an over the top stage show so come check it out! See ya down the front!
  2. Yeah there still going, the last thing they did was that various artists cover of the Buzzcocks "Ever Fallen In Love" Dolf sings on that and think Christian played guitar too!
  3. She's sumthin to do with WWF is she not??
  4. A nite out with the Hulkster would be fuckin sweet! as long as he did sit there with his red bandana and yellow vest! love to see him wrap the 24 inch pythons round his pint!
  5. Yeah i'm with you there bud, it's fuckin stupid, Artic Monkeys turn up for 10 mins and already NME put them number 1! look at the fuckin state of the guy! that's cool? i hate the whole "you're cool if you're uncool" shit, I mean i get were they're coming from but at least make a fuckin effort! i'd sooner look thru it and see a big fuck off piciture of Jimmy Page in his sparking wizards outfit! back then rock n' roll stars where sumthin to aspire to and idolise and we get stuck with fuckin geek boy!
  6. I thought he was fuckin mega! it's Slash's thing to be a bit messy, adds to the rawness and excitement of it I think, he's not wanna these guys who plays solo's like fuckin triganomitry
  7. I'd say: Kings Of Leon - 4 Kicks Jet - Look What You've Done Primal Scream - Some Velvet Morning The Cooper Temple Clause - Blind Pilots Janes Addiction - Just Because Velvet Revolver -Slither BRMC - Stop Kings Of Leon - The Bucket The Strokes - Reptillia The Libertines - Dont Look Back In To The Sun
  8. Defo the Coopers and BRMC! Good call my freind!!
  9. We need a frontman and a bassist to complete the line-up for a new rock n' roll band. Think The Stones, Aerosmith, T Rex, Guns N' Roses, Zeppelin, The Black Crowes, Kings Of Leon and anything boozy n' Bloozy. No fuckin time wasters please, must be ambitious, confident and look the part! Up for it? PM me Thanks
  10. Just a reminder that The Money Shot play The Tunnels tomoro nite ( thurs 11th Aug) See ya down the front!
  11. The Money Shot will also be supporting The Towers Of London at Kef on the 22nd of June!
  12. The Moneyshot live at Kef Friday 13th May Kick To Kill Motherfuckers!
  13. I've just heard pretty much the same ones as you said. I just heard them on various Guns N Roses websites, there's a site called "Aint It Fun ,i think, which has loads of mp3s Have you heard the song "The Blues"? its gonna be on Chinese Democracy, its really cool, sounds alot more like old guns than the other new the stuff.
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