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  1. Hey, sorry I'm so slow on the uptake but is Jesse James still together as a band as I havn't heard anything of them in donkey's years! Lisa xxx
  2. Think about you should be on that - they never realised it but it's my fav song of theres!
  3. Slash and Noodle - Guitar Dave Grohl - Drums Axl Rose and Dexte Holland - Vocals Kris (Nirvana) - Bass
  4. hey did anyone go on monday to see sterophonics in aberdeen? i thought it was good, i suggest goin next year if you like them or if u didn't cause i got dragged to it but liked it in the end. sterophonics did mostly happy tune songs but also did a few slow one's aswell but all round still a good night , kelly also looked hot as usual lol. Does anyone have any pics from the night can they post them please thanks love lisa x
  5. so who is actually tellin the truth? cuz i don't hav a clue. cuz i don't get y ewan would lie but i don't get y jon would wanna b in a band thats crap/ stay in the band if its crap o well i am all confused
  6. ok okey then i can't really b assed if he did he did so if he don't wanna b in the band n join jedi he can't jst we want out lyrics bak n u wouldn't even get the name n ur bands name is jedi n u slag us???? okey!
  7. w00 h00 gd that it now works that rocks
  8. so lol he he o well but its still nice 2 hav compliments given 2 u lol
  9. yes u r correct han yep um jon and mauel we would like to talk about our disproveal that u have not added u.b.s 2 band's you are in please do so SOON (plz lol) lisa x
  10. JON THATS NOT NICE!!! jon thats very not nice manuel we think u rule (me han n jade lol) but jon's ace on guitar he he lisa x U.B.S rule!!! lol\m/
  11. kewl song i love dfta its like the most kewlest songs :band: (onli smile i hav is an angel lol) lisa x
  12. hey i totally love 10 easy wishes they rock - wen is their album out?!?!?!? :band: lisa - xxx -
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