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  1. Hello! I am looking for 2 x Sunday T in the Park Tickets if you have available, please kindly get in touch with me asap. many thanks Gster xox
  2. thanks i had finished my review by trying to remember what they played, i was pretty close i amended my review to mention some of the other tunes i missed off. many thanks. g xox
  3. aww thanks that would be a great help
  4. cool they are a good bunch of guys i shoulda mentioned before that my album review is online http://www.musosguide.com/albumreviews.php?id=386 comments most welcome
  5. ha ha thats brilliant it was really cool! I think you may be friends of Kev and Ross etc, my b/f Kev is mates of theirs! Yeah bouncers spoil everything, there was no-one out of hand or anything, and what on earth happended at the end with the 5-0 turning up??? i was not keen on the Oxfam Glamour Models, didnt think much of Vega 4 either..
  6. hello wow the gig was ace! does anyone remember some of the set list? I am doing a review but had maybe a little too much to drink!!! when the two blokes joined them on stage, was it Trip to the Golden Arches they sang? thanks !!!! love g xox
  7. yeah its gonna be fun, ill be reviewing it also:) better not get too smashed!! LOL g
  8. ha ill be the oldest one there apart from the guys LOL too funny they dont even know about it, typical of management/press! i wrote a class review on the album for www.musosguide.com, its nae online as yet though g
  9. are there a lot of you and your mates going?? g
  10. ace hi as soon as anyone finds out time @ one up i would be grateful if you could let us know! got my album yesterday its ace! looking forward to the gig too! its gonna be carnage!
  11. it was great Rifles gig was indeed ace! did anyone catch who the support bands were?
  12. swap concluded! many thanks and have a great time! gster
  13. TITP Weekend Camping Ticket Swap I wish to swap my weekend camping ticket for a normal weekend ticket. If you are interested in swapping with me please contact me asap! email dandysgirl@yahoo.com many thanks! gster
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