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  1. today at college mac decided to fart on an unsuspecting fellow student, after the stinky deed len blamed me! as if the thought that i would dare to pass brown air in public mac then ass lashed myself and len with an almighty trouser burp! :puke: reed baw mac! farting is neither big nor clever especially in public places where peoples mouthes are open you big wee wee head
  2. thanks boys it was good getting the atomic gu rocking again! green ball!
  3. stir it up - bob marley sweetest bassline of all time? perhaps so! spoonie X anything by the marley, his thit is dope for that;) booshank!
  4. concider her wedgied from both ends!!!
  5. we have photographic evidence of fish in a thong! if more than 25 of you gu'ers either reply to this thread or speak to rico at 4 play on friday then we will release the goods! WATCH THIS SPACE!!!:O
  6. today while out with our spiritual leader rico we purchaced the best walkie talkies ever they rule! im speaking to rico from sandys and loving it red leader out:band:
  7. Gareth Gu


    thats it just hi im away to see you in aboot an hour and rass is here and ive just sound checked 4 you but hi any way................. rass is touching me:cheers:
  8. Red leader to yellow squadron come in we need back up now! we have a positive on the beer call in the choppers ........ radio silence :guns:
  9. corn is a knob as cool as the dive maybe was you got away with out a scratch! i thought i was going to loose my arm and worse still MY PINT!!!!!!!!!!!! it was a good 9/10 though p.s. corn loves the cock. i have proof. if enough people ask then we'll put it on the site!
  10. tickets hey man is there tickets 4 sunday to sell, can you phone or txt to let me know:band:
  11. with the dunkin drumer any chicks waht the g-dove love ? no thay dont g-dove but the men love you. fuck off sandy. go suck ass. go lick old ladies balls. that makes no sence dude. it makes perfect sence, after a certain age ladies get balls .ok man thats not cool man. it's true man i read a book on it. thats the shit we dont get told in sex ed, its just too disturbing ok ok
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