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  1. "The XR-7 is a multitracker that combines a multi-function mixer with six inputs(two of which accept mic signals)and AUXofBI alternate mechanism, and a high-performance four-track cassette recorder with full logic controls, a high-quality,double-speedtape transport, and DOLBY C Noise reduction system

    TheXR-7 offers versatility and advanced functionality, including four-track simultaneous recording, punch in/out by footswitch, zero return/auto-playback, operation indicators, and instrument rehearsal mode at half speed.

    The XR-7 allows you to create high-quality sounds easily, using techniques such as playing four different instruments by yourself, track bouncing, tape sync, and mix down."

    Quite a few years old, comes complete with the original manual and powersupply. In full working condition. Looking for 40 O.N.O.

    Old SOS Review: Fostex XR7


  2. Being in the rehearsal room should always be treated like you are playing on stage - if you are serious about gigging. If you can't hear shit in the rehearsal room what chance do you have to hear things on a stage? Monitors only do so much - no matter how many valves you have in your amp.

  3. I agree getting a band together is a tricky business. We have been in the process of trying to find a vocalist for about 10 months, and in the process we haven't done a bloody thing since the search began - music wise, which kinda sucks :(

    But yeah keep plugging away. The perfect band members will exist somewhere. Just not in Aberdeen :p

  4. Doesn't exist. You can slap some kind of track maximiser/limiting plugin on your track and it would sound loud but if you don't have the levels right in the first place it would just ruin the whole thing.

    Use your ears and the mixer in whatever multitracking software you are using! Get the levels right as you want them' date=' and if you are getting problems like distortion then look to tools like EQ or compression/limiting to fix them.[/quote']

    Or you could try out Audacity? http://audacity.sourceforge.net/ :up:

  5. lift you heel' date=' put your foot as far forward as possible and play with the part of your foot just behind your toes, with practice you will be able to play very fast and with more practice you will increase the volume.[/quote']

    Yes indeedy. That is pretty much what I do as well. I like my seat to be fairly low though. It's just a matter of what is comfortable to you as well.

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