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Guest Salty

Guitar stuff for sale

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Guest Salty

Right I got a new bass amp and it's taking up alot of space so I'm gona sell some stuff to make room and money :)

Ok, I've got a guitar case, it's black and very basic, it doesn't have any pockets and there's only a carry handle on the side of it. Not the best description in the world I know but I'm only looking for a fiver for it.

Guitar stand. I've had it for about a year and it's in good nick but I've just got no floor space for my guitars anymore so they're up on the wall. It was 20 new so I'd be looking for 8 for it, I really don't want to go any lower.

I've got a tuner aswell but it came free with my guitar and I'd feel a bit cheeky asking money for it cos it's pretty basic so if you buy something I'll just give it to you free.

Either reply here or pm me.

Thanks x

Guitar stand has been sold

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