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Drummer, bassist and singer wanted for pop punk/alternative rock band


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Posted on here about a month ago looking for band members. I have another member interested, but still looking for a drummer mainly, and possibly a bassist and singer.

Looking to start practicing and gigging soon. Probably a few covers to start with, but eventually all original material. Not looking for virtuosos, but I'd like potential members to be committed.

Influences include early Fall Out Boy, You Me At Six, Bleachers, The 1975, Waterparks, Catfish and the Bottlemen and RHCP.

Contact me on here, email me at jonwatson1993@gmail.com or give me a text on 07766988854


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I’m  an experienced singer and pretty competent guitarist. I’m not well and just looking for people to play with on an occasional basis. If we get good then open mic and YouTube is the next step. Looking for a duo, trio, foursome etc.

male, female, whatever - no problem!

Used to lead and harmony singing and ran several open mics of my own.

Interested in coming to the Cults area occasionally for a jam?

My guitar hero is Richard Thompson



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