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Lexicon MX 400 XL - Multi Effects Processor

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Dropbox Photos Link - Lexicon MX 400 XL

I'm starting to have a bit of a clear out of my studio and PA gear....so I can buy some more :D

Here's my Lexicon MX 400 XL - Multi Effects Processor with internal power supply. Fully functional and in great condition apart from the scratch on the top. Still has the plastic over the screen. Comes with the manual but no original box however I will pack it very carefully (as always).

Great for using either in the studio as rack hardware or linked to your DAW via the USB port, in a PA, or with an instrument through the FX loop of your amp. This is the uprated model with XLR connections. Originally these were about £550 but can be bought new for £250 now.

Link to Sound on Sound - https://www.soundonsound.com/reviews/lexicon-mx400400xl

17 legendary Lexicon® reverbs Lexicon delays & modulation effects 

Reverbs - Small Hall; Large Hall; Surround Hall; Small Plate; Large Plate; Room; Chamber; Gated Reverb; Reverse Reverb; Vocal Hall; Vocal Plate; Drum Hall; Drum Plate; Ambience; Studio; Arena; Spring

Delays - Studio Delay; Digital Delay; Tape Delay; Pong Delay; Mod Delay; Reverse Delay; 2-tap Delay

Dbx Dynamics - Compressor; De-esser

Other Effects - Chorus; Flanger; Phaser; Tremolo/Pan; Rotary; Vibrato; Pitch Shift; Detune


Quad-processor design 

7 effect routing options 

99 Factory/99 user programs for Stereo mode 

99 Factory/99 user programs for Dual-Stereo mode 

25 Factory/25 user surround programs 

USB “Hardware Plug-In” feature with VST® and Audio Units plug-in software MX-Edit™ (software not included)

Dual S/PDIF Digital Input/Output 

24 bit, 48kHz/44.1kHz sample rates 

Large front panel LCD display 


Balanced/unbalanced XLR I/O



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