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The Ghost Of Fudge

FMA 2018 - Best EP/Single

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The Fudge Music Awards: an irreverent local awards ceremony for bands from Aberdeen - like a shit Oscars crossed with the drunkest gig you've ever been to..

Prog metal titans Orynthia headline, with double-bass punk-rockers The Numbskulls warming up for festival dates, and acoustic punk types Green Beers set to open the show.
In between the bands, Bri Fudge hosts a shambolic and unrehearsed awards ceremony, with comedian Vincent Frazer-Price briefly interviewing the winning bands onstage as they collect their trophies. They will both do their best to be heard above all the cat-calling and heckling.
You can also expect a podium made of cardboard boxes and tinfoil. 

Krakatoa, Saturday 10th March 2018, first band onstage 7pm to fit everything in. Five quid on the door - or four if you have student ID.
Here's the Facebook event, come along for a great night out!

Get dressed up, you tramps. This is an awards ceremony! 

You can vote here on Aberdeen-Music, in person at Fudge events, and on a poll we'll throw up on Facebook at some point soon. These votes will be combined to find our worthy champion.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

BEST EP/SINGLE 2018 ...?
BLACK TILES - 'IN FOREVER EP' - https://blacktiles.bandcamp.com/releases
BROADSEA - 'MANMADE HORIZONS' - https://open.spotify.com/album/2jH4dCSdfTkQAzGCdDOTGI
DEPECHE CHOAD - 'I HATE CATS/DEAD MOLE PARTY' - https://depeche-choad.bandcamp.com/album/i-hate-cats-dead-mole-party
DIRTY TRICK - 'FOUL PLAY EP' - https://dirtytrick.bandcamp.com/album/foul-play-ep
THE PROJECT CLUB - 'THE PROJECT CLUB' - https://theprojectclub.bandcamp.com
VANSLEEP - 'EP I' - https://soundcloud.com/vansleep

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
The 'Best EP/Single' Hall Of Fame:
2017 - Depeche Choad - 'Pain After Sex'
2016 - The Mamertines - 'Generation Autopilot EP'
2015 - Watchfires - 'The Northern Lights'
2014 - Death Watch - 'Welcome To Void'
2013 - Same Faces - 'In It For The Money'
             - - -
2004 - Deadloss Superstar - 'Are You Ready To Die For...?'
2003 - Liber8 - 'This Is Not An Exit'
2002 - Sirius - 'Baby, Can I ... ?'

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