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Interested in musicians who'd like to trial top-quality, musician-ready complete rhythmic (only) backing tracks via iOS App


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Am interested in musicians who'd like to help trial top-quality, musician-ready, complete rhythmic (only) backing tracks via iOS App

I am launching a new service to supply these tracks exclusively (for the moment) via iOS mobile App.  The App is used to select, download and play these tracks.  It's very much for musicians, for practice, jamming and gigging.  You can also use the tracks in your own releases.   These are *not* typical midi drum tracks; they are much higher quality and really engaging to play along to.   Lots of genres of playing - Jazz, funk, county, Irish folk, latin, blues, hiphop, rock, pop and more.  

I'll supply you an Apple App Store code to download the App for free.  The only thing I ask is for your feedback - what you like, what you don't like.  The App and the downloads are yours to keep. 

There's more info at http://alive-drumming.org/home/songform-rhythm-tracks/

If you want to be involved, please message me via the forum.  There's limited availability. 

Thanks,  Matt

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