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For sale: Washburn Acoustic, Fender Baja Telecaster and more


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I am having a clearance, have many items for sale (everything is perfect or near perfect condition, I look after all of my gear).

First, my Washburn acoustic. Perfect condition, looks great, sounds better. Very rich sounding. Comes with high quality padded case. £120

Second, my Fender Baja Telecaster. This one retails at over £700. Perfect condition (as new). As seen in the picture there is a little sticker on it, that can be removed easily. This is the best guitar I have ever owned or played and will be sad to see it go. Comes with official Fender high quality padded case. I am looking for £550

Ibanez Gio bass. I have had this bass for years, a few nicks here and there but works perfectly. Recently replaced tuners and restrung. £50

Flying V Ukelele. Was a present, played it maybe twice and it has just sat in its case the rest of the time. comes with a case. £20

Joyo Tremolo pedal. Good quality budget tremolo pedal. Perfect condition. £20

note: Best offer first gets the gear. I am willing to negotiate on prices for most items, I will not go below £500 for the fender though. Thanks for your time, Greg.

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