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Guitars and Amp for sale


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Epiphone Les Paul Studio Chameleon

Couple of paintwork chips and buckle rash as to be expected but otherwise great condition
£200 Ono




Fender T Bucket Electro-Acoustic

Excellent condition fender acoustic, could be done with a new set of strings. Can sell with a hardcase if required.
£160 without the case, £190 with. Ono



Tanglewood TSF CE Acoustic

Couple of marks on the front as shown in pictures.
£180 ono




Egnater Renegade 410 Combo

Fantastic amp in very good condition. (one small tear in the tolex on the front, just above the grille)
Recently had a few tubes changed 

Super clean right through to high gain amp through two channels.

Power tubes consist of 2x 6L6 and 2x EL34 with a tube-mix function that allows you to combine the two.

Preamp tubes are 6x 12AX7's.

Footswitch included.

Looking for either a swap or sale for this. In the market for a fender blues deluxe or a hot rod deluxe III...Or maybe something else entirely.

If not, i'm looking for around £550 ono for this.




Can PM more photos if needed.

Thanks for looking :) 

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