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If you hadn't seen the national weather reports, New England has been getting socked with one storm after another. Worked form home on Thursday, may be doing the same tomorrow, too. Been snowing since 9 this morning.

So I went back into my Reaper archives to find some songs I had orphaned. There was one I had done drums and instruments for (definite about drums, pretty sure about instruments) but had someone else's vocals- no idea who it was, though!
I loaded all these on SC and Bandcamp.
This one is an instrumental, I tracked the original instruments with my old Boss digital recorder (I can tell by the track file names), but replaced the Boss drums with EZDrummer (and had to work on them today.

I probably posted this one here before, as a video - a satirical look at T Swift's '1989':

These 2 are ukulele demos I did - one an older song, the other the song I performed wiht Tammy and others 2 summers ago:


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