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Fantastic drum set and Gear - Great condition.


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Selling my kit. heres the link to the Ebay add http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Fantastic-drum-set-and-Gear-Great-condition-/322437502807


but here all the details anyways, theres loads of pictures on teh ebay pages.
This kit is amazing, it's great for beginners and first kit owners. It's a surprisingly small kit and doesn't take up nearly as much room as expected. It still has it's original skins and stands. The kit and cymbal set have a market price of over £900, not including all the extras I'm throwing in. Selling it because I plan on moving and it can't come with.

Tama Rockstar set with sunburst colouring.
22"X18" -- Kick Drum
10"X9" -- Tom (1)
12"X10" -- Tom (2)
14"X12" -- Tom (3)
5 1/2"X14" -- Snare

The Toms are all mounted for compactability. The Snare skin has one or two scuffs and the Bass has a notch from an instrument collision (I blame the bassist) but other than that it's in perfect condition.

Cymbals and cymbal bag included:
Zildjian ZXT Rox Cymbal Starter Box Set
14" high hat
16" crash
20" ride

Sticks and mountable stick bag included, varying materials and tip sizes. Brush sticks included.

Snare practise pad, drum tool, alan keys are also included.

PLEASE NOTE! the only missing equipment is the Chair/Stool! It weas unfortunately lost in transport.

No offers please!
Pick up/collection ONLY!

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